About Us

Safety Navigator began life as Smart OHS in 2004 with one purpose in mind only - to make health and safety compliance easy for all business.

The original Smart OHS company started as a health and safety consulting firm, and found that most businesses, large and small, had a general understanding that they had to 'do something' for health and safety compliance, but were not sure exactly what.

In response to this market need, the Smart OHS online system was developed to take all the time, guesswork and cost out of health and safety compliance.

Safety Navigator

In 2018 we rebranded and relaunched Smart OHS as the Safety Navigator system.

Today Safety Navigator is the market leader in health and safety software, with over 6,500 businesses across 26 industries in the south Pacific using our system, from small business to large organisations with over 1,000 locations.

We have the largest market share in our industry for two reasons:

a. Safety Navigator makes health and safety easy for businesses, with accessible but world first technology

b. Safety Navigator is affordable, scaleable, and is backed by outstanding telephone and email support