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Why the Smart OHS Office Online WHS/OHS System is the Smart Choice For Small To Medium Businesses

There is much to consider in starting and running a business. Smart OHS assists small to medium businesses manage health and safety compliance  in an quickly, simply and affordably. The Smart OHS office online WHS/OHS software provides office-based companies with a simple and efficient way to manage workplace safety.

Work health and safety legislation can appear daunting for businesses at first glance. It is not uncommon for business owners to spend thousands of dollars on consultants in an attempt to remove the WHS/OHS headache, but once the consultant has left the building, ongoing compliance falls apart and those businesses are back to square one. With its online WHS/OHS management system and support service at only $499 per year, Smart OHS breaks the mould.

How Smart OHS Helps Your Business Meet Health and Safety Obligations

Smart OHS's office online OHS/WHS software and management systems generate emails that remind businesses  when and how to comply with workplace safety legislation. The online office WHS/OHS system creates a WHSMS plan that is linked to regular email reminders for the business to login to their Smart OHS system to record actions as workplace inspections, hazardous substance registers, and staff inductions.

The office online WHS/OHS software is easy to set up and use. One 20-minute set-up call is all it takes to be on your way to simplifying, engaging, and complying with safety legislation. Unlimited inbound technical support is available if any questions should arise following the initial 20-minute set-up phone call.

Emails generated by the Smart OHS office online WHS/OHS management system provides office-based businesses with an understanding of what needs to be complied with and a online forms to fill out to satisfy those requirements.

At $499 a year, the Smart OHS office online WHS/OHS system makes meeting health and safety legislative requirements simple and cost-efficient.

Smart OHS Provides An Office Online OHS/WHS Software and Management System That Supports Small to Medium Business

The Smart OHS system was designed to help small to medium office-based businesses comply with safety standards in a way that lessens the impact of implementing a new system.

With the Smart OHS system, businesses receive a free WHS/ OHS procedures manual template. Whilst a procedural manual cannot fully satisfy safety compliance, it is an important step in the creation of a working OHS/WHS system.

Smart OHS completes the picture, however, with an online system sending auto-emails to members with instructions to login and complete ongoing compliance actions such as: workplace inspections, staff inductions and review of procedures.