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The Smart OHS online Aged Care WHS/OHS Management System 

Are you a business within the aged care industry and looking for a new way to keep track of all of your incident reports, staff inductions, and all of your other OHS/WHS documents and records?

How about your health and safety meetings and inspections and audit reports?

What if you could manage the health and safety compliance functions of your entire business online? e

You can do just that with the Smart OHS aged care industry WHS/OHS online management system.

The Smart OHS online aged care WHS/OHS system is possibly the most efficient and simplest way to manage health and safety in your aged care businesses.

The Smart OHS system provides easy access and sign up from the get-go so that you can use your new, aged care OHS management system the same day you order it.

Founded in 2004 as an OHS consulting company, Smart OHS has since evolved into a provider of world class online WHS/OHS systems and support services.

The Smart OHS online system contains all of the forms and tools an aged care business needs for WHS/OHS management, but the Smart OHS system also comes with ongoing telephone and email support and ongoing  email reminders that allow aged care staff to know which tools or forms are required to be completed by a specific date, in order to keep their business aligned to WHS/OHS legal requirements.

The Smart OHS online WHS/OHS management system also allows users to keep track of injury reports and other tasks easily, and ensures all incidents are recorded, automatically emailed to the relevant people once saved, and able to be pulled in the future when needed.

Why Choose Smart OHS Over Our Competitors?

The 4,500 current Smart OHS Australian and New Zealand business customers can tell you exactly why Smart OHS is the only choice for aged care businesses looking to 'tick the WHS/OHS' box.

Not only are Smart OHS systems very easy to use, our systems are built on the feedback from our 4,500 customers - constant feedback is complied and delivered to our development team to further build new functionality to further improve the user experience. Over 11 years of that feedback has meant Smart OHS systems technology is in a state of constant evolution, and that can only help our customers in covering their WHS/OHS needs in the quickest, easiest manner.

For larger organisations, Smart OHS also offer a 'total managed service' - essentially, we identify needs, build the branded online system to suit, set up and train all locations, provide ongoing in-bound and out-bound support, and report back to head office.

If you're the Managing Director or working within head office, running the operations of an aged care business, you may want to consider contacting Smart OHS to see what they can do for your business.