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Protect Your Child Care Centres with a Child Care Online WHS/OHS Management Software System by Smart OHS

Health and Safety is a serious concern for any business owner.

Employers often utilise complex Occupational Health and Safety (or Work Health Safety) systems to monitor health and safety issues and to ensure their employees are protected; however, some establishments have a higher level of inherent risk and thus need to focus on health and safety much more seriously than others.

Child care centres, for example, are unique workplaces with unique risks.

But, rather than source expensive, complex paper-based health and safety systems or consultants paid by the hour, child care centres should consider taking  advantage of simple online WHS/OHS management systems to better handle health and safety compliance.

Smart OHS, an innovative WHS/OHS management system company, has the online tools and support service child care centres need to effectively manage their WHS/OHS compliance online in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Smart OHS: A Brief History

Operating Australia-wide for over 11 years, Smart OHS began as an  OHS Consulting business, with a vision of streamlining WHS/OHS (work health and safety)  compliance for all Australian businesses.

Smart OHS believed all businesses had a requirement to make WHS/OHS compliance easily achievable, whilst making more specific requirements easier to understand and recognise, by creating management options tailored for specific types of businesses, such as child care online WHS/OHS systems.

Currently, Smart OHS is used by over 4,500 companies in Australia and New Zealand, across 23 industry types. With a Smart OHS system, all the tools companies need to ensure they remain compliant with WHS/OHS legal requirements are right at the customer's fingertips.

Smart OHS: the Child Care Online WHS/OHS Management System

WHS/OHS system software for child care centres is important in protecting the children being watched, the employees watching them, as well as the centre's business itself. Smart OHS understands that WHS/OHS regulations are arguably under the microscope when children are involved,. In addition to an easy to use online system complete with regular email reminders with instructions, Smart OHS provides business hour support services.

Smart OHS simplifies WHS/OHS compliance management, making it easy to fill out required forms, understand new changes to legislation, and to distribute important information to your workers. The Smart OHS takes the hard work out of WHS/OHS management so that your business can get back to focusing on your business, rather than sifting through piles of WHS/OHS paperwork.

If you need to make sure your child care centre is compliant with WHS/OHS legal obligations, but do not have the time to manage this facet of your business, Smart OHS can help keep you compliant without costing you a fortune.