Q. How does Safety Navigator work?

A. How the System Works

Safety Navigator makes work health and safety easy by:

a) Showing you what to do and when to do it and by providing you with the online forms and tools to do that 

b) Sending you email reminders when you need to perform a health and safety action (such as recording workplace inspections, staff inductions, injury reports etc.)

c) Providing you with the online Resources Area and all the tools to be able to complete these actions

d) Not letting you forget to complete an action for follow-up - when you need to follow-up on key tasks you can record dates and the system will send you emails to remind you.

  • After signing up, users are sent a WHSMS Plan, which explains how Safety Navigator will send you regular emails to ensure you are logging into the system and recording actions for work health and safety compliance
  • Users will then receive email reminders on average of once every three weeks. Each email reminder will outline that you must complete a health and safety action (such as workplace inspections, staff inductions etc.) to effectively maintain work health and safety compliance in the workplace
  • Most of these actions are really easy and take no time to perform at all.

Safety Navigator Online modules include:

· Contractor Registration

· Workplace Inspection

· Staff Induction

· Action/Risk (Risk Assessment)

· Hazardous Substances Register

· Incident Report

· Safety Meeting/Toolbox

· WHS Documents and Records (library upload)

· Systems and Documentation Review (internal audit)