Q. Does this System guarantee compliance with OHS legislation?

A. The quick answer = No. Because the system requires some work on your part too.

This system is designed to the International Standard for Occupational health and safety management systems, or ISO45001 - released in March 2018.

This international standard was designed with the input of many stakeholders and regulators across a number of countries and was developed to supersede the OHS/WHS/OSH/Health and Safety standards for many jurisdictions.

What we DO NOT guarantee:

  • We cannot guarantee that your workplace will be 100% protected from risks arising from work.
  • Nor do we guarantee that your workplace will be in a position to prove due diligence as a defence to a health and safety prosecution.
What we DO guarantee:
  • We will provide your workplace with all the tools to effectively manage health and safety
  •  System is simple, completely thorough and easy to use for managing tasks and reporting processes.
  • System has been designed to ISO 45001
  • System will send you email reminders that map to the core clauses of  ISO45001

If you have specific questions relating to work health safety legislation/standards, we would suggest you contact your state/national health and safety regulator