Welcome to the Smart OHS™ Pharmacy (chemist) safety zone.

This section is for your company if you are engaged in the pharmacy sector - whether your business is large or small.

Do you need to put an OHS (workplace safety) management system in place to guide you through, manage and improve OHS within this pharmacy workplace?

The Smart OHS online OHS system has every tool you will ever need to manage OHS (workplace safety) easily, effectively and efficiently in pharmacy. Best of all, Smart OHS systems are a 100 percent online solution to OHS. We have all the online OHS system resources (tools) you need, such as workplace inspections, staff inductions, training registers, ohs policies and procedures, ohs risk assessments and more.

OHS in 15 minutes per week

  • Fortnightly email reminders tell you when to login and what to do - only login when Smart OHS tells you to
  • Never forget to follow up on a task - Smart OHS reminds you
  • Don't spend money on consultants or new staff - Smart OHS shows you how
  • Most affordable and complete OHS system on the market

Smart OHS tells you what to do and when - login and complete the task (record) and you are managing OHS (workplace safety) in your pharmacy/s in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Smart OHS. Making OHS easy for companies in the pharmacy sector.

12 months subscription = $499.

Joining is an easy, three minute process, then you are under way!


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