TAS: State Sees Drop in Injuries

Source: Safety Culture

WorkCover Tasmania says less Tasmanians have been injured last year, a sign that safety messages have a positive impact in safety systems of businesses.

About 9000 work-related injuries were recorded in 2009, around 700 less than the previous year.

WorkCover's Dr Rob Walters said it signifies workplace safety is being taken seriously.

"The message seems to be getting through, both to employers and employees, they are realising that there's a mutual responsibility here to return people home at the end of the day in the same state that they came when they arrived at work," Dr Walters said.

He said it is time to focus on the health of workers.

"About 65 per cent of the workforce is overweight and we know that if a worker is healthy for work, fit for work, then they are about three times more productive.

"So it's in everyone's benefit if the worker takes some responsibility and gets himself or herself fit for work."