Smart OHS world class online OHS systems just got even better with a full upgrad...

Smart OHS have announced that that the 2011 version of their hugely successful online OHS system, Smart OHS online, is available now, after a six-month long upgrade.

The new upgrade incorporates new functionality, making for a much more enjoyable user experience, overall.

New online tools added to the Smart OHS system during the upgrade include:

OHS/IM History User page, Hazardous substances registers, Risk Rating systems and more.

Additionally, Smart OHS have added new industries to the system which means that the Smart OHS online system can now be used by businesses in 12 industries.

Chris Beasley, the Executive Director of Smart OHS, says, "It's great to have the system where we always wanted it to be. Smart OHS is now the most accessible but thorough system of its kind on the market."

The system upgrade came about after a 12 month period of consultation with a number of industries, state workers compensation and safety authorities, the large workers compensation insurers and current clients.

"We built the original Smart OHS system six years ago with the customer in mind. Our raison d'etre was, and still is 'Make OHS easy for businesses.' This upgrade demonstrates to our customers that we value their opinions and can adapt our brand to suit them," Chris Beasley said.

The success of the upgrade means that Smart OHS now intends to pursue the workers compensation insurers as distribution channels for its product, and will continue to take on a consultative approach on future upgrades to the system.

"We want to change the way workers compensation works in Australia. The regulatory authorities really must address the gap that currently exists here, particularly in the SME space, whereby businesses are forced to manage OHS and workers compensation as separate entities.

We've approached the larger workers compensation insurers and regulatory authorities with the concept that our product (or similar) should be given to businesses with their workers compensation insurance policy. Smart OHS has been built specifically to integrate with workers compensation claims databases. It's a no brainer. Not only would combining the two reduce the rate of injury and overall cost for the individual business, it would ease the financial and administrative pressure most workers compensation schemes are currently under. We are in a position to know that this is exactly what the client wants."

The next upgrade to the Smart OHS system is due for January 2011.