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Smart OHS, the world class online OHS (workplace safety) management system has just undergone another upgrade, which is still in the testing process, but will be completed in mid-November 2010.

The upgrade, the second for 2010, comes about as a result of extensive consultation with workers compensation insurance companies, who have seen the need to offer Smart OHS to policy-holders as both a marketing tool and risk profiling model.

Smart OHS integrates with most insurers claims databases through its unique incident reporting model. It also provides email reminders to all customers when OHS tasks are due, along with explanations of how to complete those tasks. Customers login to the Smart OHS system and use the various online resources (workplace inspections, inductions, registers, incident reports, training plans and more) to make records which can be viewed and updated over time.

Smart OHS currently has 1,000 companies using its integrated system, across 12 industries (aged care, child care, pharmacies, newsagents, property, warehouse, office and more) and five states.

The concept for Smart OHS is about making OHS accessible for small-medium businesses across Australia and was first built, in its original form, in 2005.

"We have worked hard to consistently stay ahead of the game in giving our customers what they want. Each of our upgrades over the years has been as a direct result of sitting down with our clients, insurers, state workers compensation and safety authorities and listening to what they want. Most of our competitors online OHS systems appear to be far too prescriptive and offer a product that in practical terms is just too onerous. Smart OHS is built to make OHS simple for businesses.

We also appear to be easily the most cost-effective solution on the market," says Chris Beasley, Executive Director of Smart OHS.

Smart OHS retails at $299.99 per year for full access to the Smart OHS system, which in comparison to a most competitors offerings of around $700 - $1500 per year is excellent value for money.

"We are in a position to offer our product at a significant discount to our competitors because we spent a considerable amount of money and time in the first few years of our life cycle in getting our underlying engine in the best possible shape. Smart OHS now interacts with the client, so we don't need to charge for ongoing support, as our competitors do - although technical support is given to all customers. Our competitors products appear overly complex, so it's no surprise they need to cover their costs in providing support to their customers."

Smart OHS is available for a full 12 month access and support subscription at

Smart OHS Smart OHS. Making OHS easy.