Upgrade complete – Now Smart OHS to link with workers compensation insurers and ...

Smart OHS have announced that that the 2011 version of their hugely successful online OHS system, Smart OHS online, is available now, after a six-month long upgrade.

The changes to the operating system from the upgrade come as a result of a 12 month stakeholder consultation with current customers, industry associations, insurers and brokers and state WorkCover and WorkSafe authorities to make Smart OHS even better.

"We built the original Smart OHS system six years ago with the customer in mind. Our raison d'etre was, and still is 'Make OHS easy for businesses'. This upgrade demonstrates to our customers and partners that we value their opinions and can adapt our product to better suit them," Chris Beasley, the CEO of Smart OHS said.

The Smart OHS system is unique in that it engages the user, right from sign up with regular email reminders that demonstrate when, how and why an OHS task or record is to be created. The user then logs into the system and follows the instructions to use the online tools to manage safety.

The end result is that the Smart OHS customer is more likely to be effectively managing OHS than users of other OHS management systems and this is aimed at reducing overall risk.

"We have around 1,000 customers across the states using Smart OHS right now. The interesting thing is that it appears businesses who use Smart OHS to improve workplace safety reduce overall claims frequency by 20 percent. Imagine what that would mean across 10,000 workers compensation policies, particularly to insurers in the underwritten states," Chris Beasley said.

The Smart OHS system is used by the Hotel Employers Mutual specialised insurer scheme across 700 hotels in NSW. The company is using that model to market the product to other insurers, where businesses are more likely to use a product like Smart OHS if recommended to do so by their insurer or broker.

"We want to change the perception that workers compensation and OHS are separate entities. They are co-dependent and we, like most businesses out there, believe that insurers and brokers should offer customers OHS management systems with their workers compensation policies. It's a no-brainer," says Chris Beasley

Smart OHS offers partners 20 percent trailing commission for all referrals, but point to how easy the system is to use for the customer and reductions of claims as the drivers that should have brokers and insurers interested.