Smart OHS to add new industries to its online workplace safety system

A recent upgrade has meant that Smart OHS online safety systems is available to even more industries as Agriculture, Mechanic/Car yard, Marina/Boat/Yacht club, and Tradesperson/Mobile businesses are added.

The upgrade, which will be completed prior to Christmas 2010, will mean that businesses in those industries will now be able to access the Smart OHS system to manage workplace safety for an annual cost of only $299.99 (per location).

"We are constantly looking for new industries to build the Smart OHS system for. These four new industries mean that we now have a total of 16 business sectors that our system has been adapted for. Our product has an AS 4801 platform and really makes OHS easy for our clients", Chris Beasley, Executive Director of Smart OHS online said.

The Smart OHS system was originally designed as an AS 4801 OHS management system for the hotels industry.

In 2006, Employers Mutual Limited, one of seven Workers Compensation insurers in NSW, approached Smart OHS to provide the Loss Management System for its new specialised insurer fund, Hotel Employers Mutual. An agreement was reached and Smart OHS has since been the OHS management system implemented in over 800 hotels in NSW.

Since that time, the Smart OHS online company has used its extensive network, including other workers compensation insurers, business people, industry associations and state WorkCover/WorkSafe authorities to adapt the system for many more industries.

Another announcement relating to a new upgrade of the systems is set to be made in the new year.