Smart OHS aims to change how Workers’ Compensation is offered to Australian bus...

SYDNEY 23 December 2010: Today Smart OHS announced that it would target insurers and brokers in all states to distribute the updated version of its Smart OHS online workplace safety system.

Smart OHS Executive Director, Chris Beasley, said the move to partner with insurers and brokers would provide the company with a strong growth opportunity by reaching many more customers in a shorter time frame.

"We have spent six years developing and upgrading our system. We listened to what our current customers told us and the result is an Occupational Health and Safety management system that can be used by anybody across a range of industries. We believe that all businesses should have such systems in place and that is why we're forming distribution partnerships with insurers", Mr Beasley said.

Smart OHS systems, the leader in OHS management systems in Australia, currently has over 800 customers using the system, with a large proportion of those in the hospitality industry.

"In 2006 Smart OHS systems were selected by Employers Mutual and the Australian Hotels Association (NSW)for their specialised insurer scheme, Hotel Employers Mutual , which has delivered us over 650 customers. The scheme highlights that those businesses who use Smart OHS systems effectively reduce claims frequency by 20 percent, so you can imagine the sorts of savings individual businesses and workers compensation insurers with large client bases could expect.

""With this ability to reduce claims by at least 20 per cent, there also is an added benefit to insurers of using the Smart OHS product as a marketing tool to increase client retention and attract new business," said Mr Beasley.

Smart OHS currently has a distribution relationship with three of the large Australian Workers' Compensation insurers and aims for them to be able to offer the Smart OHS system to new and existing clients who hold workers compensation insurance policies.