Smart OHS Online OHS – The only solution for OHS in your business

There are many online OHS resources on the Internet, but the key to making a work place safer is to have an OHS system in place.

An OHS system ensures that your policies and procedures are actually followed and allows a business to identify hazards, induct new staff, perform inspections and follow up on any required actions.

With the Smart OHS online OHS system, your business does not have to spend money with consultants, time putting procedures into place or guess how the new OHS laws are to be interpreted (WHS Act 2012).

The Smart OHS online OHS system is built for 20 different industry types, is so simple to use and only costs $299 per year.

The system works by setting up businesses with their own member account with all the ohs resources and tools they need to ensure a safe workplace.

All the resources are online and the Smart OHS online OHS system ensures no training or guesswork is required and that businesses cannot forget to undertake important OHS tasks for compliance as regular email reminders are sent out with instructions on how to use the system tools to manage OHS in as little as 15 minutes per week.

Using the Smart OHS online OHS system will not only make things easier for the end users, but is also the most affordable option for your business.

Our Online OHS System Features:

· Risk Assessment tool - builds a risk assessment for you in minutes and guides you through the process.

· OHS Policies and Procedures manuals - templates for 20 industries and instructions on how to make some quick changes to adapt to your workplace

· Risk Rating - at just a quick glance you'll be able to know how well your work place is performing with regards to OHS.

· Email alerts - whenever a task is due, an email will be sent to you informing you of the task required.

· Inspection Tool -record any hazards in your work place with built in tasks which remind you when follow up is due.

· Return To Work & Incident Reporting - track each incident and also get alerts of urgent follow up protocols.This helps to make sure that the best results will be achieved in all injury cases.

· Staff Induction Tool - educate your employees and staff about workplace safety.Enable your staff to guide the process.

Why should you use Smart OHS online OHS systems? Because this unique system ensures that the most important asset in your business - the people working for you - are completely engaged in the OHS process.

Smart OHS makes OHS easy by providing you with the tools and regular instructions to allow you to ensure OHS is managed in your workplace in as little as 15 minutes per week.