Benefits of a workplace safety system - Smart OHS online

Workplace safety is, of course, very important. Having a safe workplace not only ensures a higher level of staff morale and productivity - it ensures you are complying with the law.

We all know there are huge fines that apply where a workplace is found to have not complied with the OHS laws. How do we ensure we are actually 'complying' then?

The best thing a workplace (of any size) can do to ensure compliance with OHS laws is to put in place a workplace safety system .

A workplace safety system - otherwise known as an OHS management system - is a systemized approach to ensuring various OHS activities are undertaken to continue to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Part of any good workplace safety system is a work place risk assessment program - identifying the inherent risks associated with undertaking the work, catagoriseing those risks in accordance with the level of threat they pose to the workplace and putting in place risk controls to minimise the chance and outcome of that risk unfolding.

Smart OHS online OHS system has easy to use work place risk assessment tools contained within its system.

For only $299 per year the system allows you to get on with running your business.

Members only need to login to the Smart OHS system when email reminders with instructions tell them to.

Smart OHS is about making OHS easy - we show you what to do, when and why so that OHS compliance can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes per week.

The Smart OHS workplace safety system has been built on Australian Standard 4801 and works across 20 industry types.

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