Safety and Efficiency Under the Spotlight

Source: The Safety Conference

Safety and workplace performance go hand in hand. Combined with advancements in technology they can lift productivity and overall competitiveness.

This has special significance this year, with the harmonisation of OHS laws across State and Federal jurisdictions.

But new technology needs to be explored. The best place to start, especially for manufacturing enterprises, is The Safety Show Sydney, to be held from 25-27 October at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

The Safety Show Sydney is the biggest event of its kind in the country, offering visitors a unique opportunity to find the latest OHS products and services under one roof along with hundreds of new and innovative ways to improve workplace performance.

And especially exciting this year is the fact that two other related exhibitions will be held concurrently and under the same roof: Sydney Materials Handling and Bulkex.
What can visitors expect to see? Here are a few samples.


On show will be industrial manipulators that enable manual handling operations to be performed faster, more accurately, and with a greater degree of safety.

Manipulators use pneumatics to counterbalance weight, often in situations that require awkward or heavy objects. Common uses are palletising and de-palletising, lifting and positioning bags or cartons.
At the Dalmec stand, will be seen the Posivel model and Partner model that features double articulated arms and a variety of tools for applications up to 900kg.

Management and training

Visitors to the ComOps stand will learn how Salvus, a comprehensive safety, risk and claims management system can help by efficiently managing safety processes, mitigating risk, cutting costs and ensuring compliance with legislation, while proactively protecting and driving the business.

Everything you need to know about online OHS compliance training can be found at the Savve-E stand. An innovative compliance-training suite provides courses designed for both office and in-the-field working environments.

Managers can have highly effective OHS and other key compliance training out to employees within days, with courses tailored to the organisation's needs.

Imagine giving someone the title of OHS manager without training in environmental responsibilities? Absorb Environmental Solutions is a leading provider of environmental training, products and services. It will display spill response products from basic spill kits to silt control devices, along with advice to meet every need.

WHS and contractors

Work health safety (WHS) in contractor management is complex because many variables impact on organisation and contractor obligations. As a result organisations commonly don't feel they have adequate knowledge to evaluate contractors' WHS capabilities.

In response, Noel Arnold & Associates developed Cm3, an online system that provides an independent and robust WHS prequalification process and enables the selection of a broad range of WHS prequalified contractors; review and verification of the currency of contractor insurances; trade licenses and other relevant documents; and classification of the WHS risk level of contracted work.
Cm3 provides assurance that prequalified contractors have 'living and breathing' WHS processes.

Dynamic posters

Visitors to the Poster Faktory Australia stand will find a unique service, in which posters are supplied and maintained through a dynamic poster exchange system. The posters, catalogued in an extensive library, cover a broad range of issues relating to health, safety and the environment.

Special front-loading, anodized frames are positioned strategically across an organisation's site. Once the frames are installed the posters are changed every six weeks and charged for on an annual fee basis. A free design and print service prepares messages to theme specifications.

Safety workwear

Many safety wear products including safety glasses, gloves, boots and hats will be on show.
From the New Eye Company comes a safety eye ware system that enables users to simply release the scripted lenses from their frames and re-insert them into new protective frames should the need arise.

The system comprises a wrap around frame with fixed lenses and an 'Astralon optical foil' - a flexible plastic inner frame that can be fitted with a person's prescription lenses. The Astralon foil slips into place beneath the outer frames, which take the brunt of any wear and tear or impact.

Ugly Fish will feature wraparound sunglasses designed to protect the eyes at work or play, with rock singer, television presenter, actor and charity worker, Angry Anderson, taking the role of Ugly Fish's safety ambassador at the stand on 26 October. To prove how tough the lenses are, visitors are invited to try and crush, smash or break them using special lens tester.

Gloves and boots

The new Mechanix Wear Safety Range of gloves will be officially launched at the Hot Chilli Source stand. Mechanix Wear is a range of technically advanced work gloves that have been carefully designed to minimize the chance of injury and maximize the user's ability to get the job done.
Who needs heavy work boots?

Lifestyles Industries Group will present new CarbonMax technology in its Wolverine Guardian Work Boot line. The CarbonMax safety toe is resistant to extreme cold and heat and is 50% lighter than a steel toe, but still offers all the protection needed in harsh work environments, while leaving the wearer less fatigued.

These are just a sampling of products and services to go on display. Others include legislation advisory organisations; health and safety management software; risk management tools; security and communication equipment; health and safety consultants; insurance products; medical and rehabilitation services; first aid; ergonomics and office safety; vehicle safety; hygiene services, and equipment.

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The Safety Show Sydney, Sydney Materials Handling & Bulkex

Tuesday 25 October 2011 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 26 October 2011 9am - 5pm
Thursday 27 October 2011 9am - 4pm