WorkSafe Victoria: Traffic management qualifications

Source: WorkSafe Victoria

This week Sonia Grotaers-Close, from the Pre-Qualification Traffic Management team at VicRoads, writes about the importance of traffic management workers having the right training and qualifications.

People undertaking traffic management tasks need to be suitably qualified for what they are performing, such as controlling traffic with stop/slow bats or implementing traffic guidance schemes.

While there is no specific high risk work licence for traffic management work under occupational health and safety legislation, there are training requirements in road traffic legislation. The three levels of qualifications for traffic management workers are:

1. Use Stop/Slow bat to control traffic
2. Implement and monitor operational traffic management plans
3. Prepare work zone traffic management plans

Each qualification level is limited in what traffic management tasks it allows the holder to undertake and it is important that both employers and workers understand these limitations.

For example, persons who only hold a Use Stop/Slow bat to control traffic qualification are not allowed to implement traffic control devices (eg set-up traffic diversion devices) within a road reserve or alter traffic guidance schemes (eg change speed signs).

Also, some traffic management Stop/Slow or Implementationcourses only apply to local low speed roads (local council roads) and NOT high volume or high speed roads (VicRoads roads).

Employers of traffic control workers should ensure their workers attend approved training courses and obtain a Statement of Attainment from the training organisation as proof of training. It is also vital that workers keep their knowledge up to date by attending regular refresher courses.

Employers should retain proof of a worker's qualification (eg copy ofStatement of Attainment) and document the worker's attendance at refresher training in their records.

Employers who engage traffic management workers or contractors should verify that the workers doing the traffic management have the appropriate qualification for the tasks being performed.

Companies that implement traffic control devices or design traffic management plans for use within VicRoads road reserves must be pre-qualified in traffic management with VicRoads.

If you require specific information about gaining pre-qualification for your company, please email and the VicRoads Pre-Qualification Traffic Management team will assist you.

For more information on traffic management or traffic management training, go to VicRoads website.