Improved Productivity, Safety & Dexterity from PPE for Hands

Source: Safe to Work

Worker safety and productivity are key concerns for facility managers within the manufacturing industry, especially in a cost and efficiency conscious environment. As the industry continues to strive for maximised output and increased efficiencies while minimising costs along the way, worker safety can often be compromised.

According to the  Australian Bureau of Statistics, of the 531,800 persons who experienced a work-related injury between July 2013 and June 2014, 20% (106,200) were sustained by hitting, being hit or cut by an object or vehicle.

Hand injuries are the second most commonly reported lost time injury after back injuries - and with hands being most often the body part nearest to hazards, there is an immediate need to focus on lowering exposure of hands to hazards that can cause serious injury.  

Hand injuries can not only threaten workers' well-being, but affect a facility's overall productivity and ensuing costs.  Safe Work Australia calculated the total cost of injury per incident at over $60K - so ensuring workers are using the right protective equipment is vital to both worker safety, production efficiency and cost-reduction on the larger scale.

PPE reducing injury rates

Hands are constantly in a position that exposes them to hazards, but specific tasks in the mining environment require workers to maintain high levels of grip and dexterity. Common ground must be found in gloves that allow for worker comfort and dexterity without compromising on safety from sharp objects, heavy machinery, heat, oil and other hazardous chemicals.

A US study on  Glove Use and the Relative Risk of Acute Hand Injury draws the link between providing gloves that are dexterous and comfortable, and reducing injury rates. In the study, glove use was associated with lowering the risk of lacerations and punctures by 60-70% in workers.

Selecting, specifying and managing use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specifically designed for hands is the responsibility of safety leaders and production and operational leaders. Making sure the right PPE is being used for the specific task at hand can improve worker safety, increase productivity and limit larger-scale costs associated with injuries.

Improved cut protection without compromising on comfort & dexterity

Innovation in the area of PPE by Ansell has led to the introduction of new single-use (also known as 'disposable') gloves appropriate for a range of tasks requiring higher degrees of tactility for workers undertaking dexterous tasks. These serve as both a protective and cost-effective solution by not only reducing the risk of accidents on the production line, but allowing workers to complete their tasks safely, efficiently and in compliance with Work Health and Safety guidelines and regulations.

The single-use range of Microflex gloves by Ansell can be worn as protection during a task and then discarded. The Microflex range offers advanced chemical protection from a wide variety of dangerous materials, while providing uncompromising comfort and dexterity for even the most demanding tasks.