Safety Navigator upgrades delivered, coming soon...

Here at Safety Navigator we've been hard at work over the past year building upgrades based on what our users have told us they want.

We're now pleased to announce the first raft of our upgrades was launched on Friday 17th May and include the following:

Incidents, Claims and Actions/Risks Dashboards for users with access across more than one workplace - we now have 'graphs' and comparative reporting for incidents in particular, which allows a snapshot of 'performance' in just a few clicks. Work out incident trends, how claims are tracking and identify key risks in the business within seconds.

For the next three months, we'll be working on several upgrade items, but probably most importantly, our 'Permissions'.

Permissions will allow unlimited users/workers to be able to access Safety Navigator for their workplace. Permissions also allows the workplace 'owning user' (Manager) to grant roles to each of those new users, based on what they need to do within Safety Navigator.

This upgrade should be finished in September 2019.

Also coming in August/September this year are changes to our forms to allow a complete FORM BUILDER. This will allow all our users to create and customise their own forms to suit the working environment. 

We're never done upgrading Safety Navigator to deliver further on user experience and functionality. If you have any ideas you think we should consider, please get in touch: