WorkCover NSW: Cuts to WorkCover Inspectors

Source: Safe to Work

THE Construction Forestry Mining and Energy says the NSW government and WorkCover NSW are axing safety inspectors and branches in an effort to put savings over safety.

According to the CFMEU, four safety inspectors from WorkCover NSW in the Wollongong region have already been cut, with more sackings likely to follow.

The union also claims there are plans to close WorkCover NSW offices, including the Chatswood branch.

The CFMEU says reductions in safety inspector numbers will jeopardise workers' lives, and office closures will make it harder for workers to access information relating to their health and safety, especially for workers who are not technologically equipped to use online resources.

The union says the cuts in the regional areas will have far-reaching implications because inspectors will have to cover wider areas.

In response, WorkCover NSW has issued the following statement:

"The NSW public service needs to be more agile, flexible and responsive to community needs to ensure resources are allocated to areas of greatest demand.

As part of WorkCover NSW's efforts to achieve this goal, some operational changes are being made to its Work Health and Safety Division.

These changes are aimed at improving WorkCover's services to achieve better cultures of work safety and improve return to work outcomes.

Following these changes, there will be no reduction in the number of WorkCover inspectors will remain at 315, the highest number of active inspector positions in Australia.

Staff affected by these changes are receiving support.

This change will enable WorkCover to meet the challenge of maintain falling NSW injury and fatality rates, and focus on industries with the highest risk to get injured workers back to work as soon as possible."